Photogenic -  500 W/S Constant Color PowerLight with PocketWizard

Photogenic - 500 W/S Constant Color PowerLight with PocketWizard

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Designed for improved Digital Capture Constant Color Technologies combined with Consistent power output. Solair monolights are the newest generation in photographic lighting technologies. Regulated Kelvin temperature improved light control, improved repeatability plus auto bracketing, audible misfire alarms, eight f-stops of power control that makes Solair the most precise light source. Solair, the best solution for all your photograhic lighting requirements.

All "DR" and Solair constant color models are now available with 32 channel radio technology that wirelessly trigger your strobes up to a distance of 1600 feet. You can use multiple lights in the studio and on location and never worry about your lights being triggered by another photographer's flash. It's easy. Just set the radio PowerLight® to one of 32 channels on the PocketWizard transmitter. The built in radio receiver never needs batteries.
Solair Built-In Features
� PocketWizard 32-channel radio triggering
� Constant Kelvin Color technologies
� Consistant power output
� 8 f-stop flash power range
� Adjustments in 1/2 or 1/10 f-stop
� Digital Flash power display
� Digital Modeling power display
� 250-watt Quartz modeling lamp
� Proportional modeling setting
� Auto Bracketing setting
� Audible ready annoucement
� Auto power discharge system
� Voltage stabilized
� Circuit overload protection
� Internal thermal protection
� Self diagnostic display codes
� Extruded aluminum housing
� Quick-Change accessory system

Flash Power: 3.9 to 500 Watts/Sec
Flash Duration: 1/128 at Full Power, 1/5800 at 1/128 Power
Reciprocity: Excellent, no filters required
Recycling Power: .5 to 1.5 sec at full power
Power Control: Full to 1/128 over 8 f-stops
Modeling Power: 250 watt quartz
Modeling Control: 1/32 to Full in 1/10 increments
Triggering: Photo Slave, Sync Jack, Test Button, Radio
Weight: 5.8 lbs

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